What is Embossing and Why You Should Use On Your Next Cigar Packaging Project
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What is Embossing and Why You Should Use On Your Next Cigar Packaging Project

What is Embossing and Why You Should Use On Your Next Cigar Packaging Project

In this video post, I’ll explain what embossing on paper is, how it works and why you should use it on your next cigar packaging project.

So what is embossing?
In the printing industry, embossing refers to a method of pressing an image into paper or card stock to create a three dimensional, raised surface with the design higher than the surrounding paper area. Text, logos and other design elements can all be formed by the embossing method.

How does embossing work?
To emboss, a commercial printer uses two main things: a die, which is a personalized, custom metal plate that is cut into the image you want to emboss, and paper. The process involves two metal dies, one with a raised surface and the other with a mating surface recessed into it. The die presses into the paper stock like a stamp and slightly raises images off the paper of your printed packaging. Similar to being pressed by an iron, the paper fibers permanently reshape to take on the intended design.

The result is a 3D effect that emphasizes certain areas of your design. Oftentimes you will see this applied in a company logo, a custom illustration, or on a decorative pattern for a more luxurious effect.

Why use embossing?
Embossing provides a look of high quality and elegance. You will often see embossing on printed pieces like cigar bands, paper wrapped boxes, inside box vistas and cigar sampler packs. Embossing can create additional distinction when used in conjunction with metallic foil. The image area can also be pre-printed before being embossed to provide an interesting 3D effect.

Embossing is a popular print effect and is ideal for giving your cigar packaging contemporary look – and when combined with other effects, like foil stamping, they can transform a great piece into an awesome one.

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