New York Inspired, Italian Rooted
The West Side Story by Amendola Family Cigar Co.
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New York Inspired, Italian Rooted

The West Side Story packaging design for Amendola Family Cigar Co.

About This Project

Project: Cigar Box Package Design
Client: Amendola Family Cigar Co.

Unveiling “The West Side Story”: A Tale of Craftsmanship and Heritage in Premium Cigar Packaging

In the dynamic world of premium cigars, where tradition meets innovation, every blend tells a story. This year at the Total Product Expo (TPE) in Las Vegas, the spotlight was on the much-anticipated launch of “The West Side Story,” a new premium cigar line by Amendola Family Cigar Co. The narrative woven into the very essence of these cigars was not just confined to the rich tobacco leaves; it extended to the meticulously crafted packaging, courtesy of the visionary minds at Cigar Package Design.

The Birth of a Masterpiece:

Cigar Package Design, renowned for their creativity in the realm of premium cigar branding, collaborated closely with Jeffery Amendola and Chris Monaco of Amendola Family Cigar Co. The mission was clear: to encapsulate the spirit, history, and cultural richness of New York City into a cigar package that would not only stand out on shelves but also resonate with aficionados seeking a blend that exuded character and sophistication.

Inspiration Drawn from the Concrete Jungle:

The heart of “The West Side Story” packaging draws inspiration from the iconic elements of New York City. Vintage cabs, the dignified Statue of Liberty license plates, and the timeless Brooklyn Bridge served as the muse for the design. The marriage of these elements creates a visual symphony that reflects both the grit and grandeur of the city that never sleeps.

Crafting an Unforgettable Experience:

The attention to detail in the packaging mirrors the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each cigar. From the choice of colors reminiscent of New York life to the embossed textures that echo the city’s architectural marvels, every aspect has been carefully considered. Opening a box of “The West Side Story” isn’t just about enjoying a cigar; it’s about embarking on a sensory journey through the heart of New York.

TPE 2023: A Grand Unveiling:

The grand reveal of “The West Side Story” at TPE 2023 added an extra layer of excitement to an already buzzing event. The Total Product Expo, a premier B2B trade show, brought together the titans of the cigar, vape, and electronic cigarette industry. As the attendees marveled at the artistry behind the cigar packaging, it became evident that this collaboration between Cigar Package Design and Amendola Family Cigar Co. had set a new standard for innovation in the industry.

A Call to Cigar Manufacturers and Startups: Elevate Your Brand with Custom Packaging:

For cigar manufacturers and startups alike, the story of “The West Side Story” serves as a testament to the transformative power of packaging. It’s not just a container; it’s a storyteller, an ambassador for your brand. Cigar Package Design, with its proven track record of breathing life into brands, invites you to elevate your cigars to a new level of distinction.

Contact Cigar Package Design: Build Your Cigar Brand Today:

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of crafting a brand that stands out in the crowded market, Cigar Package Design is here to help. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of custom cigar packaging that not only protects your cigars but also tells a compelling story.

In the world of premium cigars, where every detail matters, let your brand speak volumes. Build your cigar brand with Cigar Package Design and set a new standard of excellence in the industry.


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