Villiger’s Black Forest
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Villiger’s Black Forest

A New Cuellar Line Extension

About This Project

Project / Logo/Identity, Package Design & Custom Cigar Bands
Client / Villiger Cigars

We at Cigar Package Design are truly honored to be working with team Villiger and U.S. Operations President Mr. Rene Castaneda. The new Villiger Cuellar Black Forest draws inspiration from the mystical Black Forest region, located on the Southern side of Germany, close to the border of Switzerland, where the Villiger headquarters resides.

Villiger Chairman of the Board Mr. Heinrich Villiger grew up close to the Black Forest, which is the birthplace of many legends, fairytales, and haunted happenings, that most are very familiar with today. The Black Forest name is due to a hundred mile stretch of large pine trees, which block the sunlight from reaching the forest ground. This combined with constant fog create an eerie ambiance, unnerving enough to have given birth to legends of werewolves, haunted monasteries, castles, and ancient Celtic cemeteries. The packaging of the Villiger Cuellar Black Forest visually communicates the aura of the Black Forest.

With style boards on hand, a clear design direction and additional historical information provided by Mr. Rene Castaneda, President of Villiger Cigars, we at Cigar Package Design took on the challenge of creating and building an identity for the new Villiger Cuellar Black Forest.

Our design approach was sensible and mindful of the brand equity already established by the original Villiger Cuellar Connecticut Krēmē, first introduced the the U.S. premium cigar market back in 2014. Yet the new Black Forest name stood tall and demanded its own logo and bold color palette.

We decided to make a secondary band to accommodate this new Black Forest logo and kept the Cuellar’s original primary band design. The bold color palette is made up of a rich deep black, a majestic hunter green and finished off with embossed silver foil accents.


Brand Identity, Package Design
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