Casa Cuevas Cigars Patrimonio Design – TPE 2021
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Casa Cuevas Cigars Patrimonio Design – TPE 2021

Casa Cuevas Cigars Patrimonio Design – TPE 2021

Luis Cuevas from Casa Cuevas Cigars discusses the design elements and components of their new cigar line “Patrimonio” which is being launched at Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE21) in Las Vegas NV.

“Patrimonio is a project that is extremely near and dear to my son Alec and myself. When my father left Cuba, he left tobacco behind. Years later, after rebuilding in the U.S.A., he was able to revive our family tobacco history by opening his cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. Because of my father’s perseverance, our family legacy continues to live on.” -Luis Cuevas Jr.

The “Patrimonio” cigar brand name translates to “Patrimony” in English. And it is dedicated to Luis Cuevas Sr. and the paternal lineage of the Cuevas tobacco history which began over 100 years ago.

We at Cigar Package Design thank Luis and the entire family and staff at Casa Cuevas Cigars for allowing us the opportunity to collaborate on such a special packaging design for the new cigar blend.

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