CPD at IPCPR 2019
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CPD at IPCPR 2019

CPD at IPCPR 2019

The 87th Annual Convention and International Trade Show took place in Las Vegas, NV from June 28th to July 2nd, 2019 and the custom artwork and packaging design we create here at Cigar Package Design was once again on display on the trade show floor. This year our work with the great folks at Casa Cuevas Cigars continues, as we helped them launch their new “Cuevas Reserva” line. We also welcomed to our family Mr. Robert Holt and the great people of Southern Draw Cigars, who are based out of the great state of Texas.

First, we at Cigar Package Design are truly thankful to all of the manufacturers who have entrusted us their booth design and packaging design projects over the past ten years. 2019 marks our tenth consecutive year where we’ve had our displayed on the IPCPR trade show, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our clients each and every time. So thank you all.

An Old Brand Shines in New Light
Cuevas Reserva – Dominican Selection is the second blend to launch this year by Casa Cuevas Cigars. The brand originally launched several years ago and we were asked to revamp its design for a brand new audience.

Above: The new Cuevas Reserva Dominican Selection cigar band design

The new look for Cuevas Reserva pays tribute to the Cuban heritage of the Cuevas family. Mr. Luis Cuevas, president of the company, explained to us the new packaging should be rooted in vintage Cuban cigar brands. We presented Mr. Cuevas a new logo design, color palette, cigar band and packaging. The classic paper wrapped cigar box has a prominent watercolor painting of a tobacco field and curing barn, and it’s finished off with an ornate ‘filete’ (trim). Inspiration for this design concept and branding was drawn from when the Cuevas family were tobacco growers in Cuba.

Above: The new Cuevas Reserva Dominican Selection / Natural & Maduro blends

The Casa Cuevas Cigars’ team is poised to make an impact in the cigar industry since the launch of of their namesake cigars. Now with the revamp of Cuevas Reserva, they have a great one-and-two punch, as they deliver premium quality cigars to fans and consumers alike.

New Packaging for a Southern Brand
Back in November of 2018 we met with Robert Holt, of Southern Draw Cigars, in our Miami, FL office. We discussed some ideas for new cigars boxes he wanted to execute some time after the second quarter of 2019. Holt, as with every other manufacturer, was looking to streamline the cigar box making process, make it more affordable (and effective) and have nice looking vehicle in which he could deliver his awesome cigars. After our meeting, we took our notes, his concepts and began working on a series of 3D digital mockups. The work we did yielded some great concepts that were both cost effective and easy to manufacture. After a design approval was signed off by Mr. Holt, we then proceeded to contact cigar box manufacturers in Esteli, Nicaragua; where Southern Draw Cigars are made.

Mr. Cesar Ramirez, of Cigar Box Factory Esteli, came into this project highly recommended and he did not disappoint. Ramirez and Holt met down in Nicaragua in February of 2019 to review cigar box samples he had created from our digital renderings. The samples were of quality construction and followed our design and instructions accurately. Mr. Holt signed off on those samples quickly and production began soon thereafter.

Above: New “Shoe Box” style cigar box samples made at Cigar Box Factory Esteli and finished cigar boxes on display at this year’s IPCPR 2019 trade show

Statement from Robert Holt
“The remarkable simplicity of our new “shoe box” design and its gentle aesthetics will fit well on display shelves, in humidors and will serve as a basis of endless creative upcycle projects as boxes have been emptied.  

The company’s focus remains on the consistency and sustainability of its cigar brands and blends and not necessarily on the art of cigar packaging.  The new “shoe box” design is hand made using recycled hard wood (ideally reducing delays in shipping due to the limited supply of Cedar and Mahogany wood) in Esteli, Nicaragua and they will be on display during IPCPR 2019.  Shipping will commence in July 2019.”

We are thrilled to see the new “Shoe Box” cigar boxes on display at this years IPCPR 2019 trade show. Southern Draw Cigars is now equipped with better cigar boxes moving forward, and an even better cigar box manufacturer. Aside from the new design, we also suggested the implementation of built-in shelf talkers into the boxes. A move that cuts time and shipping of shelf talkers to different cigar shops across the country.

Creating great work is not complicated, it’s simple. We work smart (and hard), play nice, and make our clients look good. So give us a call and let us know how we can help you get ready for next year’s trade show.

Photo Credit: Some of the images used on this post are courtesy of Cigar Box Factory Esteli, Southern Draw Cigars’ Instagram account (@sdcigars) and Casa Cuevas Cigars’ Instagram account (@casacuevascigars).

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