FDG Cigars’ 20th
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FDG Cigars’ 20th

FDG Cigars’ 20th

With #ipcpr2015 closing in, many project are coming down to the wire! Seems like every year we go through the same hectic deadlines, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s part of the excitement leading up to the show.

This year, the great folks at Flor de Gonzalez reached out to us with a last minute print ad. Twist to the project… there are no product images, no cigar bands printed and very little to work with. Our response, “don’t worry, we’ll make it happen”.

We convinced client that the best direction was to create a teaser ad announcing the launch of their 20th year anniversary blend at this year’s #ipcpr trade show. The ad would also highlight the company’s history in the cigar industry. We came up with a clever way to interpret their logo. The leaves represent generations of tobacco growing, manufacturing and quality craftsmanship.

The ad created is simple, elegant and clean. The message is clear and contains all of the elements the client needed and more.

We at CPD take pride in our work, we play nice and make our clients look good. We’re always up to a challenge, even when deadlines are tight and materials to work with are scarce.

You make cigars, we design… So what can we do for you?

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