Casa Cuevas – An Instant Classic
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Casa Cuevas – An Instant Classic

Casa Cuevas – An Instant Classic

Mr. Luis Cuevas and his family have been in the tobacco growing and manufacturing business for four generations. They have seen cigar companies come and go, and made cigars for some of the best. So when the time came for them to manufacture their own line of cigars, we were thrilled to get the phone call, and we were asked to create an instant classic.

Above: The Casa Cuevas cigar bands for their Habano, Maduro & Connecticut lines
Photo credit: Casa Cuevas Cigars’ Instagram account

Casa Cuevas Cigars is a true family cigar company, so we set out to create a logo/identity, packaging and overall presentation that would tell their story. Unlike many other brands/companies out there, they process, age, blend, produce and package their own tobacco and ultimately, cigars. Our design concept needed to capture the tradition, honesty, integrity, hard work, the sincere love of premium cigars and the art of cigar making. And we delivered all that and much more.

Above: Mr. Luis Cuevas sports a new tin sign replica of the Casa Cuevas cigar band design Photo credit: Casa Cuevas Cigars’ Instagram account

“Spanning four generations in the cigar business, our family has been at every level of the cigar production process. From seed to finished premium cigars made for several brands throughout the years, we have always endeavored to provide and produce products of the highest quality, paying particular attention to detail and tradition. So it is that we are proud to introduce our Casa Cuevas line of fine, hand crafted, premium cigars. The culmination of many years of careful thought and planning, we invite you to enjoy what is sure to be a fantastic smoking experience.” -Luis Cuevas

We have truly created a great working relationship with Mr. Cuevas, his director of sales Mr. Gabriel Alvarez, and the rest of the staff. We look forward to continuing to contribute with our creative input, and help make Casa Cuevas Cigars one of the best selling boutique brands in the U.S. and beyond.

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