The Secret to a Great Cigar Band Design
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The Secret to a Great Cigar Band Design

The Secret to a Great Cigar Band Design

So you all know how the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and cigar bands are no exceptions. We’ve all been impacted by the beauty of a cigar band at some point and cigar bands range from straight up plain to over-the-top elaborate. Some brand owners see the importance of the overall presentation of their cigars, while others see it as a bare necessity – hence the wide range in styles, shapes and sizes.

Truth is, cigar bands are like a fingerprint, and no two are the same. With some many beautiful past and current cigar band designs out on the market, you may ask yourself – “there’s gotta be a magic formula or a secret sauce to designing great looking bands?” – Well guys, sorry to burst your bubble so early in the video but yeah there’s no secret sauce! Nada!

Every cigar band design project is different and unique – and each one comes with a set of challenges and client expectations. This is why our most important job then becomes being really good listeners. If we fail to listen, then we failed you as a creative agency – that’s why we ask a lot of questions. This ensures we will address all concerns and obstacles associated with executing the project.

Above: Cigar band inventor Gustave Bock.

Here’s the real low-down for you. Only great stories make for great cigar bands. We encourage all of our clients to embrace what makes them unique. We ask our clients to tell their story and the journey they’re on. As designers, we dig deeper into our client’s vision of the perfect cigar band – honor, family history and craftsmanship are just some of the qualities they want to cement in place. These are the types of stories that we love to capture on a design.

Of course not everyone walks into a design brief knowing what they want. The idea of starting a cigar band design from scratch can be daunting! Remember this, for most of us, “It is hard to think, and it is hard to make decisions”.

Luckily, over the years, we have crafted and refined a creative questionnaire that really digs into what the client “thinks” they want on a cigar band. So its our job to ask the right questions – sort out the answers and ultimately pull back and bring focus to the project. After all, a cigar band is half the size of a business card  – and on such limited space, we have to separate the “needs” from the “wants”.

The right designer will ask all the right questions to craft a beautiful cigar band for you and your brand. In our opinion, this is the ultimate form of collaboration between creative and client. No detail is too small to discuss, make sure that you as the client, is providing your creative with the information necessary for him or her to craft the artwork that meets your expectations. Collaboration is key here and it will ultimately pay off when you see those beautiful cigar bands dress your cigars.

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